These things disappear and reappear

These things disappear and reappear is a wall-drawing, realized for ESA-arts2 Mons on the walls of the new cafeteria. This wall drawing creates a graphic link between the memories of a person and a sky map. The construction the drawing is based on the memories of a 87 years old person, who told me what she remembered from her birth to the present day. Keywords, names, images, events, people, books, theater plays, music that counted in her life who made her become a slightly different person from who she used to be (which is the origin of remembrance). Some of these memories are connected to each other, some are isolated, brush against each other following her mental associacions. But all these facts are part of the same universe.

These things which disappear and reappear
chalk on two dark-gray walls
350x450cm 350x650cm